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Here are some interesting things that we have been given instead of money.

A Sticker
- this is not money -

A Family Fun Center token
- this is not money -

A slightly used toothpick
- this is definitely not money -

A one cent piece from Canada
- this is not American money, eh? -

10 centavos from Argentina
- es no american denairo -

A Cherry Jolly Rancher
- mmmm......delicious money... -


A Metal Slug
- we were not fooled -

A Token for Good Children
- Thank you, that's very nice -

A Yellow Bear
- Thank you, that's beary nice -

A card advertising the world's largest flag
- That's some flag -

A Bear that says "Pier Pressure Rocks"
- The bear is right...we do -

A stick of Juicy Fruit gum
- refreshingly tasty -

A Fish
- Yes, a fish -

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